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The STAY N EAT Plate provides Suction. "Press the center to make it stay, lift it's edge to take it away."  It works well on most flat surfaces. This added stablilty makes eating a breeze for all Children, Adults & Special Needs.

The STAY N EAT Plate’s "STAYNEAT" Border differs from conventional plate  designs. Never worry again about food falling from the plate onto the table or floor. "It doubles as a Spill Guard" addressing the no mess issue, minimizing clean ups.

Parents love that this plate will stay "Stable on the table."  The Non-Skid Rim resists Tipping & flipping.  "Remove the lip, reduce the flip."  Goodbye to traditional plates raised rims, making flying foods a thing of the past.

Young Children, Adults & Special Needs, find this plate extremely helpful. The E-Z Load Sidewall assists & teaches how to load food onto utensils. It actually "Helps you eat & keeps you neat," reducing stress during mealtime.

Both sides of the STAY N EAT Plate are uniquely sloped at just the right angle to keep the high side dry.  Syrups, sauces & gravy easily stay when placed at the bottom of the slope reducing soggy meals. "Take a dip, back to your mouth ends the trip."

This Helping  Plate is so innovative, it's PATENTED!  "It's Reversible.  It's 2 plates in 1."  Side 1 offers a larger eating surface then a traditional plate, while side 2 offers the same, with a course separating divider.

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