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My wife and I are introducing the launch of our first product, "STAY N EAT" The Helping Plate.

It's an innovative patented invention - MADE IN THE USA.

We made the STAY N EAT Plate because we wanted to create the ultimate plate for our children and others.  

One that would be the solution that offers "A NEW ANGLE ON EATING." One that would eliminate stress during mealtime.  

A plate that offers all of the benefits that a traditional plate simply can not. 

We were inspired to invent the STAY N EAT Plate by our son Matthew. 

This incredible story and journey began when my wife and I were eating with our children and observing Matthew.  

We noticed that he doesn't really like different foods touching each other.  

For example, he doesn't like to have syrup touching his pancakes until he's ready to take a bite.  

When food is soggy, the change in consistency can be unpleasant.  

In addition, if food is soggy with too much syrup or sauce, for example, the change in flavor can be distasteful.  

It can become too sweet, sour, salty or spicy.  

It was then that my wife and I realized that Matthew wasn't the only one who feels this way.  

I, for one, like to put a fork or knife under my plate to keep my pancakes from getting soggy with syrup.  

Surely, other children and adults, including those with special needs, feel the same way.  

It was then that we put pencil to paper and drew a sloping plate.  

After studying the drawing, we had another idea - to make the sloping plate reversible.  

Later that day, we asked our creative daughter, Ilysa, to use her modeling clay.

We made a crude prototype of the reversible, sloping plate.

We knew in our hearts that we were not alone.  Many people from all over can benefit from this innovative design.  

Within a week or so, we came up with the name of the plate. TILTEASE was born.  

It's obviously not the name that stuck, but we sure had fun with it.

Even though our first prototype was made out of modeling clay, we immediately applied for patent protection.  

We changed the name from TILTEASE to the STAY N EAT, The Helping Plate and have received 3 U.S. Patents.

Pictured below is one of the prototypes made from a 3d printer.

​The main purpose of the STAY N EAT Plate is to help keep dry food from getting soggy. 

This is achieved by providing a sloped surface.

 Liquids, such as syrup or sauce, pool on the low side, keeping food on the high side dry.  

The outer wall is taller at the bottom of the slope than at the top of the slope.

The "STAYNEAT" Border keeps food on the plate not off of it, addressing the "No mess issue".  

In addition, it aids and assists in loading food onto utensils. 

The non-skid rim reduces sliding during use. 

The vertical side wall reduces, if not eliminates, tipping and flipping.  

The plate is reversible with a divider on one side making it two different plates in one. 

Finally, the STAY N EAT Plate has the capacity to create suction on most flat surfaces.  

Gently press the center of the plate to make it stay.  Lift it's edge to take it away.

The reversible STAY N EAT Plate "Stays stable on your table" and "Neat while you eat".  

This plate helps people of all ages, including those with special needs.  

Our vision is to see the STAY N EAT Plate in every home, hotel, restaurant,

school, day care, hospital,   rehab/nursing/assisted living facility.  

It's also great for recreational vehicles, boats, campgrounds and pets as well.