"Help Yourself" to STAYnEAT  & STAYnEAT Jr. COMING FALL 2017

STAYnEAT®, "Help Yourself"

One - Piece Reversible Suction Plate, 2 sided, Sloped & Divided
Balance Blue, Harmony Green, Ruby Red, Crush Orange, Brilliant White

Reversible, 2 plates in 1, with & without a section divider
Non Skid Rim is vertical reducing slipping, tipping & flipping
Brilliant design offers strong suction without flimsy suction cups
Sloped Surface & Side Scoop Wall aide in loading food onto utensils
Made with TRITAN by Eastman (BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead & Phthalate Free)

Makes a truly novel gift. "Food tastes better on a STAY-N-EAT Plate."

​STAYnEAT® -"Help Yourself" to this first rate plate that’s truly unmatched in quality, design & features. The secret is the vertical non slip rim which not only reduces slipping, tipping & flipping, but acts as a “Spill Guard” reducing messes. It’s sloping surface reduces soggy meals & aides in loading food onto utensils using the side scoop wall. It’s Reversible, It’s 2 plates in 1, with & without a section divider. It’s so innovative, it’s patented. Simply depress the center of the divided side to make it stay, lift its edge to take it away. The harder you press, the stronger it suctions to all non-porous, rigid flat surfaces. The sloped side is non skid for those not requiring suction. Dishwasher Safe & Made in USA using Non absorbent, odorless TRITAN by Eastman, NEVER Silicone (BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead & Phthalate Free). Available sizes -  7.5"w x 1.25"h &  9.5"w x 1.375"h.





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